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Hitchcock and Sexual Deviancy

Deviant sexuality is featured prominently¬†throughout Hitchcock’s films, whether it be cross-dressing in Psycho, voyeurism in Rear Window, or necrophilia in Vertigo. In typical sadomasochistic fashion, the impotent Scottie in Vertigo is rendered powerless due to his vertigo and attempts to exercise control over his life through Judy’s sexuality. He attempts to recreate the version od Madeleine he fetishized about. By controlling her clothes and manner of conducting herself, he is dominating her, and she is playing the role of the submissive by succumbing to his wishes in order to ensure his love for her.

Deviant sexuality often trancends the notion of a person and fetishism for scenarios or objects develop. In Vertigo there is fetishism for clothes. This indicates the visual nature of male sexuality and comments on the notion of a male “gaze” indirectly. While Hitchcock’s films often do present information through this male gaze, as is argued in the article we were assigned, it is a deviant male gaze, and thus subversive in nature. This subversity, in my opinion,¬†prevents Hitchcock’s presentation of women from being pigeon-holed by feminists as sexist.

~ by Jamie Parganos on April 22, 2010.

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